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Friday, September 28, 2012
8:30 am - 5:20 pm

Hyatt Regency
365, Anna Salai, Teynampet,
Chennai, India.
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8:30 am Registration and Partners & Solutions Expo
9:30 am Welcome Remarks
Shane Owenby, Managing Director, APAC, AWS
9:35 am

Keynote Address - Your Future with the AWS Cloud and the 7 Transformations of Cloud Computing
Dr. Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer,
and AWS Customers:

Shiva Bayyapunedi, Co-Founder and CTO, Apalya Technologies
Satya Kaliki, Co-Founder and VP of Engineering and Architecture, Indix
Virender Aggarwal, Chief Executive Officer, Ramco Systems
Balaji Sethuraman, Head, Cloud Computing Center of Excellence, Cognizant
11:05 am The Total Cost of (Non) Ownership in the Cloud
Miles Ward, Solutions Architect, AWS
Explore the financial considerations of owning and operating a traditional data center versus utilising cloud infrastructure. The session will consider many cost factors which can be overlooked when comparing models, such as training, support contracts and software licensing. Learn how to further reduce your current costs on AWS and improve your spend predicability.
11:45 am Networking Lunch and Partners & Solutions Expo
12:45 pm
12:45 pm Planning the Migration to the Cloud
Santanu Dutt, Solutions Architect, AWS
Gain insight on how Enterprise customers migrated existing IT infrastructure and mission critical applications to AWS. Learn approaches for creating a migration plan, identifying low hanging fruit, applications which may not suit migration, and long term planning for core business systems. Topics covered will also include the extension of the data centre into the cloud via Amazon VPC and AWS Direct Connect.
1:25 pm CloudFront & Serving Media from the Edge
Kingsley Wood, Business Development Manager, AWS
The explosion of media content makes the Internet richer and more dynamic, but it also poses challenges for IT. What happens if your website becomes instantly popular? What if your mobile application goes viral? AWS has powerful products to help deliver your service quicker, with an optimal user experience, and at minimal cost, and at massive scale. AWS provides the flexibility and agility needed in today's fast-paced web environment. In this session, we will review products, architectures, and best practices for media storage, processing, and the delivery of static and dynamic content around the world.
2:05 pm Security and Privacy in the AWS Cloud
Miles Ward, Solutions Architect, AWS & Bhavin Gandhi, techincal Consultant, Trend Micro
Attend this joint presentation between AWS & Trend Micro to learn about AWS best security practices along with Trend Micro's Secure Cloud offering. With the rapid provisioning, agility, and mobility of cloud computing, you may not always know where your data is or who can access it. Secure Cloud gives you peace of mind, knowing your sensitive information is encrypted. And with patent-pending policy-based key management, you can validate the identity and integrity of servers requesting encryption keys and specify where and when your encrypted data can be accessed.
2:40 pm Amazon Database Services: DynamoDB: A seamlessly scalable NoSQL datastore & Relational Database Services Deep Dive
Sundar Raghavan, General Manager, AWS
Do you want to deliver a massively scalable web application that also performs well? Your first crucial decision is to choose the right database architecture. Your architecture should not only scale to operate seamlessly across thousands of servers but also need to deal with various failure modes such as server failures, datacenter failures and network partitions. While there is a lot of discussion on the internet on SQL vs. NoSQL, we see that successful AWS customers choose the right database architecture based on application requirements. In this session, we will show how Gumi, Intuit and Samsung use Amazon RDS to scale their internet apps to millions of users. We will show how Weatherbug and Shazam use Amazon DynamoDB to make millions of users happy. Join this session to learn the specifics on how to design for scale, performance, reliability and ease of programming to build your next web application. AWS enables you to use SQL and NoSQL data stores at the right place for the right reasons, and deliver your high scale applications to market quickly.

3:40 pm
Benchmarking and Performance on AWS
Robert Barnes, Director of Benchmarking, AWS
In software and services, benchmarks are often used as a way to compare the performance of competing offerings. In this session, the best practices for consuming cloud benchmark results and for designing and executing cloud benchmarks are explored.
12:45 pm AWS Enabling the Startup Ecosystem
Pieter Kemps, Business Development Manager, AWS
Find out how we help startups to develop faster as they progress from the ideation stage to their Minimum Viable Product (MVP). We will also discuss how this allows startups to scale on AWS, as well as how the ecosystem and funding has changed because of cloud computing and AWS.
1:20 pm Agile Development on the Cloud
Joe Ziegler, Technology Evangelist, AWS & Shishir Das, Indian Continuous Delivery Lead, Thoughtworks
A core tenet of the Agile Manifesto is to build working software quickly, gain feedback and respond to change. With AWS applications can be developed rapidly and deployed instantly. We will discuss in detail and provide working examples to support four standard Agile technical practices: Automated Testing, Continuous Integration, Infrastructure as Code and Continuous Delivery.
1:55 pm Partner Presentations by Intel: The Disruption of Big Data
Mukesh Gangadhar, Senior Performance Architect, Intel

The increasingly connected world we live in is producing data exponentially faster than ever before. With access to new computing tools these seemingly random data stores can be analyzed to find the signal in all the noise and drive value for companies and customers. See how Intel and AWS make this analysis of Big Data possible and easy to do.
2:30 pm Architecting your Killer App on AWS
Joe Ziegler, Technology Evangelist, AWS
How do you develop an application from scratch to take advantage of the benefits AWS services offer? Learn how to design to fully utilize the principles of Elasticity, Designing for Failure, Loose Coupling, and Security & Performance. Take a deeper look at some of the unique services available from AWS such as Amazon CloudSearch, Amazon DynamoDB and Auto Scaling.
3:05 pm Developing for your Target Market: Social, Games & Mobile Apps
Kingsley Wood, Business Development Manager, AWS
Looking to build a social networking startup on the Cloud? Hoping to create the next wildly popular online game? Learn how AWS enables highly successful application developers to take advantage of the tremendous innovations in cloud computing to handle unprecedented volumes of traffic, enormous user numbers and vast amounts of data, all at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional approaches. Combined with new found agility and amazingly low time to market, these are must-know best practices and techniques in the rapidly evolving and highly competitive online landscape.
3:40 pm Best Practices: Microsoft on AWS
Miles Ward, Solutions Architect, AWS
Learn the best practices for deploying Microsoft operating systems and servers on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances. This session will additionally cover MS SQL Server on AWS as well as deploying, administering and maintaining SharePoint in a scalable, highly available configuration.
4:15 pm Break
4:30 pm Data without Limits
Dr. Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer,
The new data centricity drives that we have to rethink how we collect, store, manage, analyze and share our data, as all these processes now require limitless resources. Enterprises and startups alike are investing in large scale data analysis to serve their customers better and create a competitive edge for their companies. From Cloud to Crowds, many new techniques are required to ensure that questions can be answered with high quality in a timely and cost efficient manner. This closing keynote will focus on the unique challenges of big-data, the changes in infrastructure required to support the new world and how innovations in crowd sourcing and cloud computing are removing barriers for companies to be successful.
5:10 pm Closing Remarks & Lucky Draw
5:20 pm Event Concludes

* Please note that this agenda is subject to change.

For any further details please contact Ms. Dorothy Perris at or
call 022-23485500.

We look forward to seeing you at the event!

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